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The idea that God became a human being in order to rescue humanity has been a dominant theme of Christian teaching for centuries.

To be fully human demands that one should have a mother. The Christian churches down through the ages have agreed that when God chose to enter the human race a young Jewish girl became his mother.

Each Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus and we see him depicted with his mother, Mary. But a mother is for ever, not just for Christmas.

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The Society of Mary wishes to encourage Christians to pay proper respect to the girl who was willing to become the Mother of God. Not worship - that is reserved for God himself alone. Just honour and respect.

This Society was formed within the Church of England in 1931, but it welcomes members from any denomination. It arranges acts of worship to mark the major Marian festivals, organises pilgrimages, publishes literature, and generally seeks to tap into the rich tradition of spirituality surrounding Mary the Mother of God.

Do come and join us in that quest.

Society of Mary

The Society of Mary is one of the Catholic Societies of the Church of England. It was formed when two similar societies, the Confraternity of Our Lady (founded 1880) and the League of Our Lady (founded 1901), joined forces in 1931. The Society has members all over the world and is not confined to Anglicans alone.

Where there are sufficient members in one place or area, they may combine to form a Ward. They can organise regular services, meetings and many other activities. Five or more members may form a Cell and organise joint prayer and fellowship. Isolated members are joined to the Headquarters Ward. The Society publishes its magazine AVE twice each year, in March and November, with details of pilgrimages, retreats, festival services, etc. It is free to all members and is the effective link between the various Regions.

The Society is not affiliated to any single shrine or Marian institution and is the only organisation that endeavours to promote equally all the different aspects of devotion to Mary.

Further information may be obtained from the Society of Mary's new Official Website, which you can visit by clicking here: