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The North West Ward of the Society of Mary is named for Our Lady of Victories. Behind this is a rather interesting story - for further details please click  here. 

Assumptiontide Festival
article posted 25 Aug 2012

Our Assumptiontide Festival took place at St Catherine's Burnley on Saturday 18th August, at 12 noon. Seventy or so Members and Friends gathered at St Catherine's for the Mass at noon, braving the torrent of football traffic - there was a Derby match on at the adjacent football ground! For more details please click
 here  Our thanks go to Fr Roger Parker and the members of the congregation at St Catherine's, who hosted the event and provided such generous refreshments, which were much appreciated!

Letter to Members
and Friends

article posted 22 Oct 2012
Our Ward Superior, Fr Ian Brooks, has set out in a letter to Ward Members and Friends the forward programme for the rest of this year and for much of 2013. He draws attention to the change of venue for the meeting in December to celebrate the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady - this is now to be in St Helens at the church of St James the Great, Haydock. May I invite you to download this letter for your information by clicking  here , and if you can please feel free to use it to encourage like-minded people you know to attend the Society of Mary events (all are welcome!) and if they so choose, to support the work of the Society by becoming Members of the North West Ward.

Youth Pilgrimage
article posted 25 Aug 2012

The 2012 Youth Pilgrimage at Walsingham took place from 30th July to 3rd August. Well over six hundred young people attended and spent a week they will remember! The weather was very variable, but there was only one torrential downpour. Please pray for the young people who gathered at the ancient shrine of Our Lady and experienced that special place and have now returned to their everyday lives. May they enter the mysteries of faith and continue to grow in grace. For more details, please click  here  to visit the Shrine website.

Lenten Devotion
article posted 1 Mar 2012

2012 Lenten Devotion was held at St Paul's church in Royton on Saturday 25th February, when well over 100 folk converged on the church for this half-day of worship and meditation. It included a celebration of the Eucharist, the Stations of the Cross, and Benediction. An account of the day, together with some photographs, may be downloaded in pdf format (size 1.3MB) by clicking  here .

Ladyewell 2012
article posted 3rd June 2012

The weather forecast for Saturday 2nd June was not promising, but nevertheless the Joint Pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady at Ladyewell went ahead as planned. The clouds threatened, but rain did not materialise until the event had finished. The day provided a moving and inspirational occasion, a pictorial account of which may be downloaded in pdf form by clicking  here. 
Fr Paul Benfield has very kindly made available the text of his powerful address; click  here. 
if you would like to read it.

May Devotion
article posted 14 May 2012
This festival took place on Sunday 6th May 2012 at the parish church of St Hilda's Prestwich. Our thanks go to Fr Croft for hosting this event. First, the Annual General Meeting of the North West Ward was held at 4.30pm. The Mass was at 6.00pm. Photographs and a brief account of the event are available as a 2MB download: please click  here  for more details.

Immaculate Conception
article posted 14 Dec 2011
Solemn Mass of the Immaculate Conception began at 12 noon in the surprisingly beautiful church of St Paul the Apostle, Croxteth. This blocky rectangular brick building might easily be overlooked, or dismissed as a garage or workshop. But once within, the visitor sees a major statemtent of faith and of commitment to the community.

As the supporting clergy entered it was good to see that they were wearing the newly provided Concelebration Chasubles, which had been consecrated at the Requiem Mass in November at Royton. Members and Friends of the Society had made donations in memory of loved ones to finance these vestments. For more details of the event and some photographs, there is a pdf download of around 1Mb which may be secured by clicking  here .